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"Committed to supporting the next generation of pharmacists, one question at a time"

Our team consists of fully qualified pharmacists specializing in academia, community and hospital pharmacy. Combining the knowledge from various aspects of pharmacy has allowed us to collate high-quality revision material, helping you prepare and tackle the foundation pharmacist registration assessment.

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We are dedicated to helping you become a safe and knowledgeable practising pharmacist

We provide a multitude of questions and recorded lectures that cover all major aspects of the GPhC assessment framework

Each lecture is delivered by an academic pharmacist and covers individual topics, ensuring you receive comprehensive information for your revision

We utilise artificial intelligence to provide a greater number of questions in areas you may be struggling in

The platform provides you with personalised analysis showing the number of questions you have answered correctly. It also provides tailored statistics on your progression throughout the year.

Our company invests in the future of pharmacists in the UK; we are partners of ‘Reconnect’ – a mental health awareness charity for healthcare professionals.


How it Works?

GPhC Exam Part 1

Work through hundreds of GPhC-styled calculation questions under timed conditions. Our questions cover all types of calculations under the GPhC registration assessment framework. Step by-step solutions have been included for every question helping you prepare for the GPhC examination.

GPhC Exam Part 2

Our platform comprises of both single best answer (SBA) and extended matching questions (EMQ). Several questions from our database are case-based scenarios or resource-based questions; helping you incorporate your knowledge into daily practice.


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